Handcrafted Log Homes and Log Cabins by Slokana Log Homes.

Arrowhead _log _home_ p1  


  Arrowhead 1st Floor  


  Arrowhead 2nd Floor 

The Arrowhead, This design is unique in shape and functionality adding up to 2468 sq ft on two floors. The two level shell roofs at the front entry give a strong distinctive “street appeal” for first impression.

As you enter the home, the foyer and great room widen out to the view at back. The master suite is private with a walk in closet used as a buffer to noise.

From the loft/catwalk you experience that same widening view point through the great room gable at the back and as well a widening view to the front through the shell roof windows. The one car carport, off the mudroom can easily be transformed into a two car garage if required.

This three bedroom suite home answers the need of most buyers with a room layout and log structure you will find nowhere else…

To find out more about the many design features of this home please call or e-mail us at info@slokana.com .


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