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Honeymoon Bay
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Honeymoon Bay floorplan

Our Honeymoon Bay design is a small 600 square foot rancher originally designed as a guest cabin for a local resort. Its main feature is the logs that are huge western red cedar with enormous flare butts and so out of proportion with the cabin size. Those minimum 30” diameter logs are so big it only takes four of them to reach the ten foot high walls. This cabin is really just for two, fully contained and perfect for that romantic getaway from it all… If you want a small space to call home, you may have found your dream sanctuary…

This beautiful, handcrafted log Cabin is built from massive old growth Canadian Western Red Cedar. All the logs were are hand picked by our staff to ensure the highest quality. To find out more about the many design features of this home please call or e-mail us at info@slokana.com . 


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