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Lake Elmo
 Lake Elmo_P1 Lake Elmo_1st_floor  Lake Elmo P2
  Lake Elmo 1st Floor  
Lake Elmo P3 Lake Elmo_2nd_floor  Lake Elmo P4
Lake Elmo 2nd Floor

The Lake Elmo is a 2768 square foot log home with a 1768 square foot footprint on the main floor.

The loft is almost 1000 square foot of living space. An extra bathroom and a couple of bedrooms could be added to complete the room layout, or left open for the grand kids sleeping area.

The house could be on a concrete slab or as in this case a full basement to make this dwelling a large home. The log home has shallow pitch roofs to keep it low to the ground. It is a quaint and cozy design with the two sided covered deck.

To find out more about the many design features of this home please call or e-mail us at info@slokana.com .


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